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Weatherford Annulment Attorney

Ending your marriage can be a complicated, stressful process. While many people seek a divorce when they are dissolving their marriage, it is not the only option. If you believe that your marriage was never legally valid, you can seek an annulment. Get in touch with a Weatherford annulment lawyer if you believe this applies to you. I have the experience to help you understand your rights and protect your assets as you end your marriage.

At The Law Firm of William A. Walsh, I offer personalized guidance and faith-based support if you are seeking an annulment. I am an experienced Texas attorney with a proven track record of success standing up for my clients and making them feel seen and heard through tough times. I can help you determine if you have the grounds to seek an annulment; if you do, I am committed to fighting for you throughout the process.

Weatherford Annulment Lawyer

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment is a legal procedure that invalidates a marriage in certain circumstances. If you get an annulment, your marriage is considered null and void in the eyes of the law. This has legal and often religious implications. For example, many religions do not approve of divorce, which could prevent you from marrying another person in that church in the future. However, some of these churches will not have the same rules if you have an annulment, as an annulment determines that your marriage was not official.

In order to get an annulment, you will typically need evidence that proves that your marriage was not legal. For instance, if you lacked important information about your spouse when you agreed to the marriage, and there is evidence they deceived you, you might be eligible for an annulment. Other examples of reasons that might lead to an annulment include:

  • You did not consent to the marriage
  • Your partner did not disclose children they had with another partner
  • You or your partner were under the influence of mind-altering substances like alcohol during the wedding
  • Your partner cannot consummate your union
  • If you or your partner did not have the mental capacity to agree to the marriage when it happened
  • If you or your partner were legally married to another person during the time of your marriage

Is an Annulment the Same as a Divorce in Texas?

While both an annulment and a divorce are processes that you can use to dissolve your marriage to another person, an annulment is not the same as a divorce proceeding in Texas. If you get a divorce, you are putting a legal end to a valid marriage. If you get an annulment, you are legally declaring the marriage was never valid to begin with. In other words, if you get an annulment, it is like your marriage never happened.

The steps involved when seeking an annulment are also different than the steps required in getting a divorce. If you want to get a divorce, you usually have to go through a waiting period of around sixty days. If your marriage qualifies for an annulment, then you will not have to go through this waiting period in most instances. Similarly, the rules surrounding equitable division of property for a divorce in Texas do not necessarily apply if your marriage qualifies for an annulment.

It is also important to consult your annulment attorney about the implications of seeking an annulment on other aspects of your family unit, such as child custody. If you have valid grounds to seek an annulment in Texas, you can file a Suit Affecting the Parental Relationship with your annulment, which can prompt the court to determine custody. Some factors that justify an annulment might not justify one parent receiving full custody of your children.

Since there are many different implications between choosing a divorce or an annulment, it is important to consult with a lawyer to help you understand your case's implications for your family. Making the wrong choice could have disastrous consequences.

How Can Your Annulment Lawyer Support You?

If you are in Weatherford, Texas, and you believe that your marriage qualifies for an annulment, you should get in contact with an annulment lawyer as soon as you can. The faster that you take action to remove yourself from a marriage that qualifies for an annulment, the more likely you are to be granted one. If you are aware of factors that make your marriage void and choose to stay in the union, your judge might be hesitant to grant an annulment.

It is also useful to contact an annulment attorney who has experience with asset division. Similar to a divorce, you will need to split your assets if you get an annulment. It is important to have a legal professional knowledgeable in the circumstances that will affect your case.

When you consult with your family lawyer, they will review the circumstances you are in and help you determine your legal options. Your lawyer can help you compile and correctly use evidence in order to support your request for an annulment. They will also advocate for your rights and your needs during the split from your partner.

Your attorney can help address any complications that might arise during this process and can make sure that you meet all of the requirements and deadlines involved in your annulment process.

Consult With an Experienced Asset Attorney Today

At The Law Firm of William A. Walsh, we are experienced in navigating annulment processes. If you think that your marriage should be annulled, we highly recommend that you quickly get in touch with our office so we can review your case. We can determine if you have a valid case for seeking an annulment and walk you through all of the necessary steps of the procedure.

I put my clients’ needs first and work hard to be a fierce advocate for you throughout the entire annulment process. My team and I can also support you with other aspects of family law, such as spousal support and child support needs. Contact my firm today to find out how I can provide you with the support required during your annulment or divorce.

  • Testimonials Five Stars
    My experience with Mr. William Walsh has been nothing less than extraordinary. From the telephone conversation, our first consultation, to the proceedings, Mr. Walsh was very professional in every aspect. He treated me with understanding to my situation, demonstrated compassion, very honest, very meticulous, and performed with great care and completeness. You and your situation are his motivating force. He was very methodical in every aspect.

    - Bob Coleman

  • Testimonials Five Stars
    People need a family lawyer. I cannot express how good this lawyer is. Very highly recommended. You will definitely get your money’s worth and then some with Mr. Walsh. Very highly recommended! Best of luck!

    - Gabriel Pena



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