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Efficiently Resolving Contract Disputes

Nothing is more frustrating than signing a contract in good faith and having the terms of that agreement ignored. When you promise to fulfill your end of a bargain, you expect your partner to do so as well.

Unfortunately, simply asking your partner to comply may not be effective. In order to hold an individual or local business accountable for breaking the terms of a contract, you may need a lawyer’s help to take the appropriate action.

I, William A. Walsh, have handled a wide range of contract disputes for my clients in Hood County. I have practiced law for over two decades. Using my substantial legal background, I can examine the details surrounding your case and determine the best way to handle it in court. If you’re dealing with an issue relating to Texas’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), I will take the necessary legal steps to secure compensation for any wrongdoing.

Supporting Consumer And Employee Claims

Whether your dispute would be better resolved through negotiation, litigation or arbitration, I can represent you and resolve your conflict efficiently. I have defended my clients’ rights in a range of breach of contract matters such as:

  • Partition and boundary line disputes
  • Real estate disputes including landlord/tenant issues
  • Violations of DTPA, including deceptive pricing, false advertising or bait-and-switch scams
  • Contracts related to employment such as noncompete clause disputes

If you’re having trouble getting an associate to honor a contract or need assistance revising a contract, get in touch with my Granbury firm.

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