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Facilitating The Divorce Process

Are you planning to file for divorce? Is your spouse?

If you have a limited legal background, you may not know which options to pursue to help conclude matters quickly. Your ability to obtain favorable terms for your settlement may be harmed by your negotiation style. When you want to get what you believe you deserve, you should consider hiring an experienced attorney to represent your interests.

Since 1995, The Law Office of William A. Walsh has assisted Texas families seeking to resolve matrimonial disputes in an efficient manner. As the firm’s principal attorney, I, William A. Walsh, consider it my vocation to guide my clients when they are at their most vulnerable. I use my substantial legal experience to help your family obtain long-term results that encourage future success.

I recognize that our legal partnership may be brief. However, the repercussions of our efforts will be felt for many years. Let’s work together to create a positive impact for your family.

Your Legal Ally Throughout The Divorce Process

From our first consultation at my Granbury office until a family law judge grants your divorce decree, I will personally attend to matters involved in the process, including:

  • Determining your eligibility to file for divorce
  • Clarifying your grounds for divorce
  • Filing and serving divorce papers
  • Negotiating division of property
  • Negotiating a child custody agreement, child support and spousal maintenance

I take pride in the high-caliber counsel I offer to all of my clients. Their positive reviews show how my attentiveness and dedication eased their anxiety throughout their case. You, too, can benefit from my dedication to your welfare.

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